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Nose to the Ground Issue 012: Horsemanship Books
July 01, 2005

Happy First of July! - Happy Fourth for that matter.

I'm well on the way to a full recovery. Many thanks to those of you who sent along your best wishes. Of course while I was in the hospital the weather was superb - then it rained the first 5 days I was back home, but now we're having beautiful summer weather and the gray days are forgotten.

Best of all, I can now lead the horses around, feed them and groom them, far sooner than expected. A good horseback ride is still a ways off yet but the day will come.

But it's a chance to step back and recheck my own habits around the horses. I have to be more careful than usual around them so I take the time to make sure I'm doing things right.
The saying holds true - if you're handed a lemon - make lemonade!
Life is good!

Horse Art Magazine

We've recently come across a magazine dedicated to the horse lover who has "an appreciation of the fine art inspired by the horse". It is Equine Vision Magazine's Horses In Art.

We visited their web site and reviewed a sampling of articles in the current issue which include articles on painting, the art of printmaking, equine sculpture, and the restoration of carousel horses.
If this magazine is of interest to you or a horse lover friend you may want to pay them a visit at We'll also be noting this magazine on our horse art page.

Books on Horsemanship

If you're a return visitor to our pages on horse books you might have noticed some changes. These changes reflect our goal for the site as a whole. We want to focus more on providing a valuable resource for information pertaining to gift ideas rather an emphasis on selling a number of products.

We don't advocate the hard sell and never have. We make suggestions and recommendations based largely upon our own experiences. And, as we state on our home page, one of our goals is to help you come up with an idea for a great gift, which may turn out to be something entirely different from anything we mention in our pages.

We've stayed with the categories of books we originally started (e.g., Favorites, I Love Horses, etc.) believing they serve a purpose. However it became apparent that books on horsemanship are really a major category and these books, videos, DVD's are of great value and provide a rich source of potential gift ideas.

Rather than promote specific books ( one exception, Parelli's Natural Horse-Man-Ship is a favorite of ours) we decided to focus on the authors and trainers themselves.
We invite you to visit their web sites where (depending upon the individual) you can often find a wealth of information on products together with useful articles, schedules for clinics, courses of instruction, and, in the case of Parelli, a free DVD.

For any horseman or horsewoman, especially for the novice, there's a wealth of potential ideas for a gift for your horse lover, or for yourself. It might be a book, at item of tack, a ticket to a clinic, a course of instruction, or other possibilities. If you have a few minutes, visit our page on Horsemanship.

Cowboy Hats and Boots

In our introduction to Cowboy Hats and Boots we mention the famous Seattle Hat 'n' Boots, once a service station and Seattle landmark and show a picture of it in it's glory days. Early this spring on a trip to Seattle we took a detour through the Georgetown area (to avoid heavy traffic on I-5) and happened to pass the Hat and Boots.

While saved from the wrecking ball the famous roadside landmark remains deteriorated and forlorn. The 22-foot-tall boots and 44-foot-wide hat remain unrestored since their move in 2003.
However, a repaint of the boots is scheduled in July or August. The work of finishing the hat examining the steel, sandblasting the frame, rustproofing, adding wire mesh and plaster, then painting it would take only a few months, but will be labor-intensive and expensive.

Yet there is progress and someday Hat 'n' Boots in it's new playground home will again be a great roadside attraction.

Great Links - Recommended Gift Shops

We welcome "Buffalo Annie" into our pages. This is a nice source for gift and greeting cards. As the name implies, the focus here is on the bison, but Buffalo Annie has a nice selection of items with equine themes as well - plus this is a very interesting site to visit.

Much care and attention has been devoted to every page.

Also new this month is a link to "Pet Memorials" -a source for pet caskets and urns and, more appropriate for horse lovers, memorial markers and pet loss gifts and e-cards.

You can link to these fine businesses from the Recommended Gift Shops section of our "Great Links" pages.

Have a great July.

Bill Savage

Goose Bay Ranch

Rollins, Montana

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