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Nose to the Ground October 08 Issue
October 12, 2008


Welcome to old friends and new subscribers!
This is the time of the year when the horses spend much of the day catching some rays from the sun while the days still have some warmth. They're pretty frisky in the cool mornings when they get their first feeding. I almost feel frisky just watching them.

The guys pretty much tore apart their feeder, the "big red spitoon" I wrote about many months back. I was so proud when I finally got it bolted down so they couldn't drag it all over the place but they still managed to destroy it over a year's time. I shouldn't name names but I think Lars was the main culprit.

I finally had to take the remains away. Now they get their hay on the ground again which they seem to prefer anyway.

Home Decor - Visit the Home Decor section and you'll notice I've added a half-dozen items of metal wall art. I particularly like the Three Horses 3D piece. It's still a ways until Christmas but you might visit the Home Decor page just to see if one of these attractive works of art would make a nice present to someone.

Saddles - Not all that long ago I added some content on the Wade Saddle to Your Guide ... I've been a little amazed at the amount of traffic that page has received. I don't own a Wade so can't comment on it from the perspective of a user but still thought it would be of interest to my readers. If you've ever considered purchasing a Wade I have several nice ones featured.

Horse Art - If you're not an artist you're probably in the same position I am. I like a pice of art but can't always tell why, much less try to explain why. It's interesting to read what artists have to say in their approach to their art. If you are an artist; want to be an artist, or just love art. Pets of the Realm might be of interest to you.

The artist will teach you how to draw, paint and sculpt in mainly traditional style, the Dog, Cat, Horse, and the exotic pet, the Big Cat. If you collect or you are an art lover, this site takes you into the artist's world to better understand these subjects. The pet art in this site, are some of the most painted, sculpted and sketched pets of our society.

Holiday Gift Giving - An Idea For Getting Started

Hey! Christmas is sneaking up on us. When we're starting to carve the pumpkins it's time to start holiday shopping, especially if you have to send things off in the mail. Early mailing is especially important if you're sending gifts to our military at APO addresses which can get pretty swamped the month before Christmas. I'll be offering some holiday gift ideas in the next Nose to the Ground but you can always go to the home page of Your Guide... and check the nav bars on the left of the page. Just the titles - books, art, statues, boots, etc., can give you a head start on your holiday ideas.

Article: We Three Kings - on Horseback

You won't find many, if any, statues of kings on horseback here in the States. Presidents and Civil War heroes of course, and Cowboys and Indians. But no kings. A visit this fall to Copenhagen, Denmark gave me the opportunity to revisit three very attractive equestrian statues, each located within a few short blocks of one another. These images I happily share them with you.

King Christian V

Kongens Nytorv, the King's New Square, is located a few blocks from the royal residence, Amalienborg, and adjacent to the popular and scenic harbor area, Nyhavn. In the center of the square is a very imposing statue ofthe Danish King Christian V.

The statue was the first of its kind in Scandinavia, placed in the square in 1688. At first glance the statue may lead one to believe that the Danes were not acquainted with the stirrup in the 17th century. However, the sculptor chose to portray the monarch as one would picture a general on horseback in ancient Rome. Christian V designed and built the square containing his statue. He was popular with his subjects although one of his greatest ambitions, to recapture areas in southern Sweden lost to the Swedes in an earlier war proved unsuccessful.

King Frederik V

The royal residence in Copenhagen, Amalienborg, consists of four palaces surrounding an octagonal courtyard. To the west is the imposing dome of the Marble Church (Marmor Kirken) and to the east lies the harbor. Across the harbor is one of Copenhagen's newest structures, the New Opera House. In the center of the Amalienborg complex is the equestrian statue of King Frederik V. This statue is considered by many to be one of the finest equestrian statues in Europe.

Frederik V was King of Denmark and Norway from 1746 until his death in 1766 at the relatively young age of 43. It was Frederik V who purchased what eventually became known as the Danish West Indies, now the United States Virgin Islands. The names of three of the towns, Frederiksted, Christiansted, and Charlotte Amalie, relate to this time in Danish history.

Christian X

A more recent king (and his statue) is Christian X, King of Denmark from 1912 to 1947 (and of Iceland until 1944). Christian X was the grandfather of the present Queen of Denmark, Margrethe.

An aristocratic man, Christian initially had some diffuculties in adjusting to a Danish democracy in which the king had limited powers but eventually became a champion of democratic values and an ardent foe of totaltarianism.

The statue of Christian X on horseback is fitting. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World war II Christian X would ride daily through the streets of Copenhagen on horseback, mingling with the people. Tragically, he fell from his horse during a ride through the streets in 1942 and never fully recovered from his injuries.

He did however live to see the end of the occupation. Christian X died in 1947, an honored and revered king. His statue is located on Bredgade's St. AnnŠ Square roughly midway between the two aforementioned statues.

Happy Halloween! See you next time -

Bill Savage

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