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Nose to the Ground October 06 Issue
September 28, 2006

Autumn- Hay Bales in the Flathead Valley

A hearty "welcome" to our new subscribers. I hope you'll find Nose to the Ground interesting, useful, and fun to read. Following this month's article you'll find links to several past articles.

September just zipped on by it seems. Still having nice weather. A rainy spell damped down the forest fires, at least in this part of the country. Our horses are starting to get a little "fuzzy" so it's time to be digging out the water tank heaters and plan for a little extra helping of hay and grain over the coming months.

The deer are certainly helping themselves to our garden. They get a bit bolder every day. Clancy, our youngest beagle took off after some the other day - deep into the woods - but found his way back.

Speaking of beagles (our Nose to the Ground consultants) finding their way back, a lady told us the other day of a "Beagle Run" held a few years back in another part of the state. Seems like the "herd" went every which way, wherever their noses took them, and a few never did find their way back. So that was the first and last annual Beagle Run.

Gift Shop "Expansion"

I complained a bit in the last newsletter about how early the holiday decorations were appearing in some stores. I guess I do need to bite the bullet and start putting together some ideas for you for your holiday gift giving. I usually get in the spirit a week or two after Thanksgiving and that's a little late to do you much good.

Anyway - for a starter.

Last month I mentioned a source for over 23,000 different equine designs available on a line of products. My first attempt was to go through as many designs as I could and locate some of the "best" ones to share with you. After finding half a dozen really nice (in my opinion) designs I still had 22,600 designs to sort through. Figuring that maybe I'm not really as dumb as I look I gave up on that approach. What I find attractive you may not so I looked for a better way - and think I found it.

The source for all of these designs (and the products that feature them) are people who have set up shop with CafePress, who supplies the products in our gift shop featuring our ranch logo design. The products are of good quality and CafePress has a prompt and friendly return policy should you run into a problem. So the challenge is simply to find a design to your liking, whether it be on a T-shirt, coffee mug, tote bag or whatever.

I've identified 31 different design categories - mainly by breed and discipline (including a category for Beagles - just had to do that). This significantly reduces the number of designs you have to sort through. Plus there's a search box you can use if I haven't covered all the bases. Just go to our Gift Shop Designs page at (or just Click Here to get there.)

A "Designed It Myself" Gift

You can open your own "shop" with CafePress and create your own designs. It doesn't cost anything to establish an product line featuring your own designs and use it as a source of gifts for horse lovers (or any other theme you want). If you decide to make a business of it you might want to switch to a premium shop (quite inexpensive). Try the no-cost shop first.
You'll find a banner at the bottom of the Gift Designs Page of our website.

I chose this month's article feeling it was especially appropriate if the gift of a horse for Christmas (or any other time) is on your mind. While the article may seem to be directed at you it really identifies the issue the gift recipient may have to contend with, especially if it's a first horse.

I find it so easy to get on a "guilt trip" either because I'm spending time with the horses at the expense of something else or vice versa. Finding the "balance" can be quite a task at times.

Guest Article by Leslie Moore

Balancing Your Life with a Horse in It

Attention Horse Owners and Horse Lovers:

Four questions to answer about balancing your life with your horse so the time spent is fully enjoyed.

1. Have you created balance in your life with your partner, family and friends? Have you created the time necessarily to fully enjoy your horse without feeling guilty that you are supposed to be doing something else? Or does your time spent with your horse become an issue with them?

2. Are you healthy? Is your fitness level suitable for the activities you do with your horse?

Does you horse think you're a burden because you may be carrying a few extra pounds?

3. Have you prepared for the financial responsibility of being a horse owner?

4. Are you happy and fulfilled as a person and you feel good about yourself and where you are?

You're right, there were more than 4 questions since I asked questions and added more questions but that seems to be how it is sometimes, one thing leads to another, just like finding balance in your life.

These are just some of the important issues that face people who own horses. Daily, I deal with people that have had to look at their answers to the above questions.

They found that their partner was always mad because of the time away. The family got tired of their schedules always being juggled because there was a horse activity going on. Your son's game was forgotten because you went on a spur of the moment trail ride and having so much fun you forgot about the game. (Hmm…To me this sounds like a guilty moment coming on. Either you're feeling guilty for messing up or the son told you how you let him down, or both.)

These issues can be easily avoided with planning.

How are your answers for the question about your health and wellness? I regularly help people become aware of how their weight and fitness levels affect their pleasure with their horse.

Horses offer us so much in our own wellbeing with our interaction that my belief is we should do what we can to not be a burden to them. By keeping our weight at reasonable levels and be being fit enough that we don't tire easily so we are thoroughly enjoying the time we are playing with our horse.

We haven't even gotten to the financial responsibility of being a horse owner and how that impacts us. I am sure you are already aware of some of the costs. You are either boarding your horse elsewhere or buying horse feed. You have had to purchase equipment, which could include halters, bridles, a saddle and blankets. Have you had the farrier and veterinarian come out to see you yet?

You can now understand how planning is so important, especially when it involves money.

I want you to have piece of mind and not have added stress because your finances are a headache because of your horse friend.

leslie moore with A Lot moore Solutions to enjoy your horse and have a fulfilling and balanced life.

About the author: leslie Moore, a life coach and an equestrian expert with more than 40 years experience has helped many horse owners with practical advice to the commonsense day to day issues they face. For more information go to: so you to can experience a balanced and fulfilling life with your horse. leslie helps people in all areas of their life so they may have happiness. Success coaching works! Contact: Copyright Leslie Moore -

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    See you next month.

    Bill Savage

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