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Nose to the Ground April 08 Issue
April 22, 2008

Will Spring Ever Come?

Welcome to old friends and new subscribers. I should be welcoming you to spring time and a new riding season but we've had cold and snow the past couple of days. The water heaters have been plugged in again and warm gloves, just put away for the season, are back in use. Been trying to put some deer fencing around the yard and garden in between snowflakes. The horses are watching my struggle with interest (maybe amusement?).

It snowed as hard today as it has all winter but there wasn't much of an accumulation when all was said and done. Guess the ground has warmed up (the bulbs are coming up and daffodils are blooming) - a promising sign.

In the meantime I've added some items to Your Guide ... you might want to look at, including the item described below. I like it so much I've put it on the home page, for a while at least.

Home Decor: Flensted, Horses, and Hedgehogs

If you're looking for a gift idea that can go most anywhere in the home and is a good gift for any age consider this.

"Horse Mobile from Denmark"

"Mobiles are a traditional Danish craft. Our suspension, hanging Mobiles are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skilful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang. Our mobiles make terrific additions to any home and are perfect gifts from newborns to all ages. With themes from the abstract arts to animals and nature, placed in an apparently still room the mobiles catch the slightest current of air, providing hours of relaxing memorization. From Denmark. Material: Plastic, 18 x 16"

In our house we've always had mobiles in several rooms. They all were purchased in Denmark where the making of fine mobiles is something of a folk art. If you shop for a mobile in one of the nicer department stores in Copenhagen you'll probably end up with one made by Flensted. We have two mobiles by Flensted, one with hedgehogs and one of a more abstract design.

While looking to add some items of home decor I could recommend as gift ideas I came across a Flensted mobile featuring horses. If you like the design I can assure you that you'll be more than satisfied with the workmanship. Though not inexpensive, a Flensted mobile is generally affordable and of course is a gift that will last a lifetime. The Flensted web site is very interesting. Some of the more abstract designs are quite amazing. You can visit it at

and be sure to view the gallery where you'll find the horses, and the hedgehogs.

New Products -

I've always presented Your Guide ... as a place for ideas as much as a place to find products. The former is a lot more enjoyable to work with though admittedly not terribly lucrative. I have yet to have anyone send me a big check with a thank you for putting forth an idea they particularly liked. I'm certainly not proposing you do that. I see a web site from time to time that requests donations but that's not my game.

I'm sure though that many of you visit Your Guide ... looking for something specific and are apt to be disapointed in that regard. So, I've been busy adding items to the web site that you can look at, read the description, check the price adn order directly. I'm really just getting started but there are several areas where you'll find new gift ideas that I believe are of excellent quality and reasonably priced.

Horse Statues - A dozen equine statues from four different sources for both indoors and in the yard or garden at

Weathervanes - Ten very attractive designs in bronze, copper, brass and one with a verdigris finish at

Belt Buckles - You'll find several sources of western style (cowboy if you prefer) belt buckles in Your Guide ... includig The Belt Buckle Shop. I've added several more designs from this merchant and you can see a dozen of 'em on

Museum Gift Shops

Buy Unique Gifts At The Museum Store! This merchant has a number of interesting items, many of historical or cultural interest as you would expect to find in most museum gift shops. The Museum store has a number of attractive equine themed items.

Hope you got your tax forms done in time. Spent the rebate yet?

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    See you next month.

    Bill Savage

    Lakeside, Montana

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