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Nose to the Ground March 08 Issue
March 19, 2008

It's a Fjord's Kind of Weather

Welcome to old friends and new subscribers. Welcome to Spring. It's been a struggle getting here. Bulbs are starting to appear though the last couple of mornings we've awakened to a white landscape. Most of the snow melts by mid-day so guess that means we're at a turning point.

Hope you've made it through what has been for most folks a colder than normal winter. Global warming took a bit of a detour the past few months. We'll see what the summer brings!

The horses are starting to shed like mad. Can't get within 5 feet of any of them without picking up a bunch of loose hair. No place for Velcro!

There is a concept I've introduced on several pages of the web site which I hope you'll find interesting. More on that in a minute.

First, and this falls under the heading of Tiny Horse Art, i.e. postage stamps, I want to share a couple of attractive images, one of which I think you will agree is somewhat unusual.

Both are on my Tiny Horses Art page ( You can go there if you aren't receiving these images in this e-mail. Worth a look.

Not all stamps picturing horses are necessarily attractive - no matter how much you love horses. Most are OK of course. Probably less than 5 per cent would qualify as "fine art" but would include the fabulous set of stamps issued by Austria to commemmorate the 400th Aniversary of the Spanish Riding School.

Shown clockwise from upper-right: Piaffe, At the Long rein, Corbette, Capriole, Levant, Spanish Steps

Then there's this stamp from the Saar region of post-WWII Germany.

Issued in Conjunction With an International Postage Stamp Exhibition

In the Horse Art section I've added a page about the great English artist Sir Alfred Munnings - some great subject matter for a gift of a fine art print.

Munnings was very much a student of the style of realism, apparent in his depiction of scenes at the race track. "The Red Prince Mare" shown at the top of the Munning's page,, is a classic and Munnings' best known painting.

Purchasing the original would empty your wallet, unless you have a few million to spend, but a framed print of this classic is available and would certainly be a gift most any horse lover would appreciate.

So What Else is New?

A common cause of writer's cramp stems from difficulty in finding new ideas. One of the joys of publishing Your Guide ... and Nose to The Ground is coming up with gift ideas that are perhaps a little unique out of the ordinary.

Our "Contact Us" page where you can send ideas, comments, or suggestions really doesn't see much action. When you're surfing the Net the last thing you feel like doing is sending in a comment when you haven't even be asked what to comment about.

What's new is a series of forms where you're encouraged to share your gift ideas with others. You'll find these forms on pages addressing Gift Baskets, Cool Ideas, Horseback vacations and the Round Pen. These pages were chosen for starters as they have been among the most popular and most visited. So, with your help, the more ideas the better.

The response to these forms has been very gratifying to date. Nearly twenty new ideas in just a few days. On these pages you'll find some topics regarding the Round Pen, horseback vacation experiences in Turkey and France, a couple of "Cool Ideas", and, maybe my favorite, several neat ideas about what to put in a horse lover's gift basket.

You're invited to see the ideas others have shared, perhaps rate their contributions, and hopefully forward along an idea of your own.

What's next? I'll be revising Gifts for Children and Home Decor so you'll be able to suggest gift ideas in one of these areas. I'd like to do the same with Horse Art though I'm not yet certain quite what to ask for or how to organize it. Horse Books would seem to be an obvious choice though you can always go to to get book reviews. Still it's good to know what someone's "favorite" or highly recommended book is and why, so I'll be doing that as well.

In any event this new feature has proven to be popular and rewarding and I hope you'll join in.

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