A Gift Basket for a Horse Lover:

by Anne Heyns

You can start off by lining a fairly large basket with real hay. Then put in this basket some raw carrots, apples, peppermint treats or other cereal. Wrap said treats up and tie with ribbon. Then tuck into the Basket. Some other ideas for inexpensive items for the basket include:

  • Polartec Riding Gloves
  • Polartec Riding headband
  • Combo hoof pick and brush
  • Folding hoof pick for the trail
  • Package of Mane elastics for braiding (preferably the same color as the horse lover's horse!)
  • Small bottle of hoof polish
  • Boot Polish for Waterproofing
  • Small tack sponge
  • Maybe the latest Copy of Favorite Equine Magazine
  • Hand-made and beaded Equine necklace for the horse!
  • Or beads, chimes and leather strapping to make necklace
  • Plastic Mane & Tail Comb
  • Hand warmers
  • Bar of Glycerin Saddle Soap
  • Whatever else you can think of!!

Tie the ribbons carefully around the items or gift wrap and tuck them into the basket.
Wrap the entire basket up with clear or colored cellophane wrap. Bunch it together at the top and tie with a pretty ribbon.

And for that extra special touch, you could make a homemade card, punch a hole in the corner and tie it with the ribbon at the top of the basket.

Guaranteed, any horse lover will just LOVE it!

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