Oval Agate Cameo Horse Pendant With Diamonds - 3/4x1/2

Horse Jewelry
Better Than a Box
of Chocolates!

Nice things often come in tiny boxes. Here are several sources of unique and elegant items of horse jewelry.

Gold Rings Diamond Ring String of Pearls
Gold is almost always a fine choice for an item of jewelry. And diamonds are you know who's best friend. Feeling romantic? A string of pearls may be the perfect choice.

There's a wide choice in jewelry with an equine theme, certainly with gold and diamonds in mind, not to mention silver, pewter and other precious and semi-precious stones. You can even get a string of pearls with a equine-themed pendant.

(Just between you and me and our horses, I think a string of pearls with only pearls is nicest.)


We're always on the lookout for sources of fine horse jewelry, be it a large distributor or a small business featuring a selection of quality unique items. In particular we're looking for selections in a price range of your choosing combined with quality and uniqueness in design.

Show Stable Artisans - The Equestrian Jeweler

When you love both horses and jewelry expect something special as a result.
The owner's love for horse shines through (no pun intended) in their eqine jewelry inventory.
Their team of artisans has created a truly outstanding selection of jewelry.

Gold Dressage Horse Earrings

Gold Hunter Jumper Saddle

The Equestrian Jeweler offers many different and attractive items - crafted in gold, silver, and precious gems.
You'll find charms, chains and cords,bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings, a bit collection (check out the snaffle-bit bracelet!), a stirrup collection, breed collection, horseshoe collection, and on and on. Equestrian Gold Bit Necklace If you're searching for an item of fine jewelry for your horse lover it's a good bet you'd find something here. You see a few items highlighted here but what is shown doesn't do Show Stable Artisans justice.

The gift idea suggestion here is to give
Show Stable Artisans - The Equestrian Jeweler
a click.
You'll stand a good chance of getting the "You Did Good!" Award from your horse lover.

horse jewelry pendant

Back in the Saddle

An excellent source for fine equestrian jewelry including
striking pieces in gold, silver, pewter, and polished stone
is Back In The Saddle.One item in particular which caught our eye is the Xenophon Coin pendant.

Reminiscent of antique Greek coins the pendant features famed equine photographer Robert Vavra’s image of Xenophon’s Horse.

Silver Horse Slider Necklace 16in.

Another piece that catches the eye is this Silver Horse Slider Necklace created from an original piece by world-renowned sculptor and horsewoman Beverly Zimmer, with incredible detail in the eyes, muscles, manes, and tails of three connected running horses. Solid sterling silver. 21/4 slider sits on a flexible silver 16 omega cable chain. To find our more about this unusual item and others just click on the image and go to 'Horse Themed Jewelry".

A suggestion - when you go online at Back in the Saddle,
request one of their catalogs by mail.
Browse at your leisure and it's likely you'll find much that appeals to you.

Gold Jewelry

If you haven't purchased gold jewelry before and would just like to know a few facts on the subject, we've put together for your information,

these Facts about Gold.

celtic horse pendant

Celtic Horse Jewelry

While there's an abundance of celtic jewelry on the market, celtic jewelry with an equine theme can be difficult to find.

The striking feature Celtic design is the unbroken knot or string.

The Celts worshipped the horse. Their goddess Epona is the root of our word pony and the indo-European word ekvos, became eqous in Celtic, leading to guess what.

We've done a little research into what the Celts contributed to the horse world which you can read by Clicking here.

The Belt Buckle Shop

has several attractive buckles featuring celtic knots and other designs, including the Three Horses Belt Buckle - shown below.

Celtic & Fantasy Belt Buckles: Celtic Design - Three Horses Belt Buckle

From: BeltBuckleShop.com

Horseshoe Nails?

Horseshoe nails - a strange gift to give, unless of course the recipient is a farrier. But the humble nail can be the basis for some outstanding jewelry. Visit Armando's, view his fine selection of pendants, chokers, earrings and crosses and you'll see what I mean.

Make Your Own Jewelry ?

If by chance you've an interest in creating your own jewelry, for sale or for gifts, a most helpful web site is home jewelry business success tips by Rena Kingenberg.
Rena also publishes a newsletter full of tips and advice on the subject of jewelry.

Many thanks to the following for permission to reproduce their fine photographs:
  • Line Kirk - Copenhagen, Denmark -Just Some Pearls
  • Jasper Greek Golangco - Pasig City, Philippines - Diamond Ring
  • Jayesh Nair - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - Gold Rings

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