Horse Magazines

Horse Magazines:
Inexpensive, Seldom Sinful
and Never Fattening

There's a couple of ways to give horse magazines as a gift -

as a gift subscription, or
a single issue (or several different) placed in a gift basket you've put together.

We're always on the lookout for items to make up an interesting horse lover's gift basket. Please drop us a note if you have a special idea.

If you know a bit about horses and the tastes of your horse lover, your choice among horse magazines is probably a no-brainer. Otherwise, maybe we can help a bit.

"Fit" isn't as crucial as for hats, boots, and saddles, but still you'll want to select something in line with your horse lover's equestrian activities and interests, which might be -
  • horse care, breeding
  • pleasure or trail riding
  • dressage, english riding
  • cowboy stuff
  • driving
  • or all of the above.

  • Your can choose among one of the well known horse magazines - They address slightly different audiences and we'll get to that in a moment.

  • Or, you might opt for a more specialized magazine or journal and want to visit one or more of our links to Specialized Magazines and Journals. National organizations more often than not have a magazine or journal and, it's sometimes possible to subscribe to their publication without having to become a member.

  • A membership in one such organization is yet another gift idea.

Getting back to the major publications:

  • For the beginning rider, new horse owner, or someone who just loves all aspects of horsemanship, one of the Horse magazines with General Content would be a good choice:
    • Equus - a magazine we highly recommend, especially with its emphasis on horse care.
    • Horse Illustrated - a very professional-looking publication with a trademark of well written articles.

  • For the Young Rider the magazine of the same name would be an excellent choice.

    A youngster with a 6th grade or above reading ability would likely also enjoy (Horse and Rider or Horse Illustrated.

  • For the horseman or horsewoman who prefers English Style Riding or who participates in dressage or eventing, two excellent horse magazines are
    • Practical Horseman and
    • Dressage Today.

  • For the Western Rider four top magazines are
    • Western Horseman, which we think is the best all-around magazine,
    • Horse and Rider, a very good magazine for the beginner, and the more specialized
    • Trail Rider, and
    • Trail Blazer.

Note: Western Horseman belongs in the "general" as well as the western category (if you don't mind a little cowboy poetry and a define western slant along with the articles on horses, horse care and horsemanship). Western Horseman is our favorite and we highly recommend it.

From our Specialized Magazines and Journals

page we have a link to a very interesting website which features Przewalski's Horse. If you or your horse lover are interested in the history and evolution of the horse, this is an interesting site worthy of a few minutes of your time.

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