Equine Articles
Looking at Horses From Many Perspectives

These articles for the most part first saw the light of day as the main articles in our Nose to the Ground newsletter.

In true nose-to-the-ground fashion when I got an idea I ran with it. The result, a collection of articles seemingly unrelated except the one common denominator is the horse.
You'll find a mix of fact and opinion (we'll try to keep the distinction clear), practical advice, and interesting (we hope) trivia.

If you plan to publish one of the articles we'd be interested in knowing where and when although that information is not required. All I ask is that you include my name, this website URL, and the copyright statement, all at the end of each article.


Equine Articles

Books for Horse Lovers - Ten Very Good Ones We would bet at least one of the books we suggest here, and maybe more, would show up on most anyone's top ten list.

Books on Horsemanship - Xenophon Had It Right Though written many centuries ago, what Xenophon had to say about horsemanship is remarkably up to date. Still, we can likely relate better to what the contemporary trainers have to say. And their books have pictures!

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Horsemanship One of Emerson's essays is excellent reading for the horse lover, even though it doesn't mention horses. Find out which one, go read it and see if you agree.

Horse Art - Eadweard Muybridge, Leland Stanford and the Hobby Horse One individual is well known, the other less so, but what they accomplished together changed horse art forever.

Rules of Thumb for Saddle Fit There are some things you should know if purchasing a saddle for the first time. It does have to fit (rider and horse).

Saddle Rigging Demystified explains the basics of western saddle rigging. This article contains most everything you need to know unless your needs are very special.

Carriage Driving, besides being just plain fun, offers a way to get to know horses from a new and different perspective.

Build a Round Pen. You can build your own round pen, or one for your horse lover for much less than you would typically pay for gate panels and labor. This article shows one approach - you may have an even better idea.

Becoming and Expert With Horses. Is the expert with horses blessed with a special gift or is what we observe the result of experience and plain hard work? Though not claiming to provide an answer, this article explores the question.

Use a Mind Map to find that "You Did GOOD!" horse lovers gift. Mind Mapping is a brainstorming process used by large corporations to come up with new ideas. It's straightforward and can be used by anyone. To find a neat idea for a horse lovers gift for example.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse - The Golden retriever of the Horse World. We have a couple of Norwegian Fjords, a truly wonderful breed. If you're in the market for a versatile, affectionate, and talented horse, the Fjord might be just right for you!

We Three Kings - See Three Fabulous Equestrian Statues During A Fifteen Minute Walk If you find yourself in Wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark, head north from the town square towards Nyhavn and the Royal Palace. A few blocks apart are three of the finest equestrian statues in Europe.

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