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Good horse books? My favorite horse book is often the last one I've read. But over the years I've found some I believe are a cut above the rest - horse books I happily recommend.

A confession.

If you order a book through this site I get a commission. That's always nice.

But, if you're anything like me, you love spending time in a bookstore.

So, if you find an idea for a good horse book here and take that idea to your neighborhood bookstore I really can't blame you. I won't even be the least bit upset - especially if a tall coffee mocha is a part of your visit!

Take a look at our suggestions. You might find just the right horse book for your horse lover, or for yourself!.

(If your horse lover is very pleased with something you've found here we'd love to hear about it.)

Horse Book Bookworm Book Store Some Good Horse Books
Do you have one of these (who loves horses) in your family? You might head to the nearest book store and their selection of horse books. More fun. Or order online. Often more convenient.

So, let's find a book your horse lover will enjoy.


  • Horse 101
    - here's three good books tailored to the beginning horseman or horsewoman.

  • Books on Horsemanship
    - always in great demand, these books focus on understanding and properly handling the horse with Lyons, Parelli, Hempfling and others providing a wide choice of excellent titles.

  • Coffee Table Books that say "I Love Horses"
    - some of these have loads of practical information, most have superb equine artwork and/or photography supplemented with interesting and informative narrative - a good choice for any horseperson, beginning or advanced.

  • Our Favorites
    - books we enjoy and read and reread for reference or pure pleasure - a welcome addition to the equestrian library.

  • "Specialty" Books
    A good source is The Horse Information Center, a publisher and retailer specializing in horse books, including -


    A Book for Friesian Lovers-

    Torden, Hear the Thunder is about a Freisian stallion but is a book certain to be enjoyed by all horse lovers. You can get it through but I recommend you visit the author's web site, where you can read Chapter 1 (I did, it tastes like more!), view some photos of the beautiful Friesian breed, and review the Friesian's history.


  • The Four Foot Bookshelf is a good place to look for an idea. These are books we own or have borrowed - doesn't matter, they're all good titles. You'll find most of the ones highlighted in the various categories plus many others. There's nothing on the Bookshelf that we'd be uncomfotable with in recommending to you.

If you're searching for reviews, essays, or horse books you will not find in the usual places, is a central location to find horse books to entertain, educate and enlighten. Self-Published and Print On Demand books, with a special emphasis on material that sparks a child’s interest in books.

And then there's Xenophon, the guy that started it all with his Art of Horsemanship. Find out more in the article we've written by clicking here.

  • Peter Hellebrand - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Bookworm
  • Roberto Tostes - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Bookstore Scene
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