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Greetings From Montana!

We're located in the Flathead region of Northwest Montana. Goose Bay Ranch is a little south of Kalispell and an hour's drive from Glacier National Park. This is a land of lakes, mountains, horses, rodeos, pow-wows, and lots of good folks. We have a few acres and a few horses. Our horses, being our passion, prompted us into this business.

Besides horseback riding we enjoy driving. It requires more than a little attention to detail and concentration (not that riding doesn't). We find it a thoroughly enjoyable challenge. The greatest pleasure however, is just in being around and caring for our animals.

We are transplants to Montana from other places. I'm originally from Washington state, and Lone hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. Our passion for horses came about as the result of a pack trip in the wilderness years ago. We learned how to saddle up and ride, and have never looked back.

We hope that some of this passion shows in our efforts to assist you in finding just the right gift idea for the horse lover in your life.

It's a warm feeling to help a neighbor. We believe that instead of just a "Horse Business That Sells Stuff" it's much more rewarding to us, and hopefully to you, to provide a useful service with lots of practical advice and useful, informative and, occasionally (we hope) entertaining information.

We can be comfortable in suggesting something we feel would appeal to you, but we never recommend a specific product unless it's something we've purchased or used ourselves or are pretty darn familiar with.

If you do encounter problems with customer service or product quality, please let us know. Your feedback is important to us and we hope you will visit us often. You can always reach us via our Contact Us Page.

A brief commercial announcement: Within a year of launching this business we find ourselves sitting comfortably in the top one-half of 1% of all web sites from the standpoint of traffic. We've had a blast putting this together and what made it possible was a passion for horses, a desire to provide a service, and the right tools to do the job.

If you'd like to wake up every morning to a web site that works for you (a surprising percentage of Internet surfers have this thought in the back of their minds), click on the little clock below. Our "Build Your Own Biz" page is a great place to start collecting ideas and information - something you want to do plenty of before taking the plunge!

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William "Bill" Savage
President, CEO, and Hay Barn Manager

Goose Bay Ranch
Rollins, Montana

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