Not Just Links for Gifts for Horse Lovers
But GREAT Links!

Great Links to Horse Gift Idea Sites?
We're not just bragging.

We choose our links with care.
You'll find some excellent horse lover gift ideas at these sites -
with links to some fine equestrian artists, sources for tack, horses for sale, horse vacation trips and much more.

No "Link Farm" here. You know, a few hundred links without explanation and many of them not even related to what you're after.

So, if you absolutely, positively must leave us, the least we can do is send you off to another site of value to you.

The links below will take you to -

  • resource sites providing information and additional links to a variety of equestrian-related business and themes

  • sites providing sources of additional information on books, magazines, art, and the other equestrian gift idea themes

  • gift shops "down the street" which offer more than just equestrian gifts, e.g., gift ideas for animal lovers in general, and specialty shops

- and more.


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