Your Guide to Horse Sales:
The Ultimate Horse Gift
A Horse ... of course!

Get a Horse!

While building our Cool Ideas gift page, it occurred to us that one "off-the-wall" gift idea was perhaps the most obvious one for the horse lover -

the Ultimate Horse Gift - a horse!

Are we going into the horse-selling business as a spur-of-the-moment thing? Sell you a horse?
- earn a few bucks?

We do know a bit about horse breeding but are neither experts nor professionals in that area.
And we know quite a bit about horse care since we do lots and lots of that.

But we're not going to try to sell you a horse. We don't want to part with any of ours anyhow. A breed we highly recommend though is the Norwegian Fjord (we have a couple of them and they are a joy to have). You can read about them in our article on Norwegian Fjord Horses.

Aside from that what we'll do is point you towards some sources for buying a good horse, listing a directory or two specializing is horses for sale and then -

finding farms, ranches, and family businesses that breed and/or sell horses, often of a specific breed or type.
With the click or two of the mouse you can research a business and the horses they have for sale. If you like what you see, you can contact the breeder.

They sometimes have something to offer besides horses, including horse lover's gifts, advice, wonderful photographs, etc..

In selecting these businesses we're not trying to cover all the bases - we're a long, long way from that - but we hope you'll find the type of horse you're looking for - and hopefully within trailering distance - and get to know some awfully nice people in the bargain.

I personally haven't bought a horse online so I can't speak from experience but there are a few things to bear in mind which probably make sense if you are taking this route.

Buying a horse online may seem a little risky at first but if you think about it, folks have been using the telephone and the mail for years to do the same thing.

If anything, going online can provide you with a lot more information than the old methods plus even more if you want to do a little comparison shopping. It's always best if you can see the horse first hand but that can be a problem if you have to go from one end of the country to the other.

Once you've found what you think might be the horse of your dreams there's a few basic things to inquire about. This is where the good old telephone comes back into play.

  • If the seller is selling his or her horse (as opposed to a breeder who sells many and often) it won't hurt to ask why the horse is being sold.

  • Then ask questions relating to the horse's medical history, ownership history, registry papers (if applicable), general behavior, and type and level of training it has had.

  • Also you would probably want one that by breed, training, or experience is best suited for the type of activity you have in mind (trail riding, show, dressage, etc.).

Of course this is not a book, halter or saddle you're after so you're not going to be clicking on "Buy Now!" until all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

We expect this page to grow and grow, not by leaps and bounds but slowly and steadily, collecting quality "sources for horses" for you in the process. We're choosy about our links, wishing to give you the best we can.


  • One of the most comprehensive horse for sale sites you'll find is:
    Equine Now!
    You can look for a horse by breed, gender, color, state or province. Also you can lease or sell a horse through this site. So if you're looking for a horse for your horse lover you might find just what you want close to home right here.

  • While primarily dedicated to providing a resource for buying or selling horses,'s "Horses for Sale" site has lots of other things besides buying and selling horses going for it which you can discover by browsing their links. For gift giving, there are a number of sites including the web site of sculptor Patricia Crane. She created the life size scuplture that graces the grounds of the International Horse Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park (some interesting reading on this site by the way). While her gift shop could be considered a competitor, she carries many fine items that complement our own selections. You may wish to take a look at this and other sites in's fine directory.

    The Farms and Ranches

    • The emphasis is on Arabians and half-Arabians, but any horse lover will enjoy a visit to this Arizona-based website. Featured are many enjoyable photos and a wealth of information on these fine horses. The page of photos dedicated to foaling a mare followed by photos of imprinting the foal alone make a visit to Majeztic Arabians well worth a few minutes of your time. But the site as a whole is super. Take five and enjoy!

    • If you live in or near east Texas, the folks at Sierra Oaks Ranch breed and sell Paint and Quarter horses. They a nice selection of horses and foals plus a stallion service. Their web site is also a very useful resource having links to numerous farms and ranches, mostly in the east Texas region.

      So if you're on the lookout for a fine quarter horse, cutting horse, pinto or arabian a visit to Sierra Oaks may pay a dividend.

    • The Norwegian Fjord is a favorite of ours (we have two). Read our article about Fjords and also pay a visit to Willow's Edge Farm located in Washington state to find out more about this increasingly popular breed.

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