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Children's Horse Gifts
The Kid in the Equine Candy Store

"A Horse Mobile
by Flensted of Denmark"

"Here's an idea for the kid's room (it might
even end up in your kitchen!). Mobiles are
a traditional Danish craft, created so that
the elements are in constant motion while the
entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance.
Each mobile is carefully assembled, balanced
by skillful hands, and packed so that they
are ready to hang.
A perfect gift for all ages.
From Denmark. Plastic, 18“ x 16“"

Kids love gifts. We all know that. We all sure did
back then. Of course, one thing that's every bit
as enjoyable as getting a gift as a kid was is
finding and giving a gift for one.

When we think of children's horse gifts it's usually
toys and games
After all that's what kids like most.

But, don't forget those preteens -
they take their horses very seriously.
You needn't limit your children's horse gift
ideas to what you find on this page.
Many gifts for "grown-ups" such ascan be just fine for the younger set.

And don't forget a gift of Jewelry for the young ladies.

Here, from several sources is
a "shed full" of kid's horse gift ideas,
from toddler through pre-teen.

Take a second look at the picture
at the top of the page -
"The Lesson" by David Stoecklein.
Recently on display in our locality,
it's a handsome work of art indeed,
one of Stoeckleins best efforts.
A fine addition to a youngster's room -
or maybe your own!

You'll find more prints for the kid's room further down this page.


Young Rider is hard to beat, featuring breed profiles,

full color posters,
articles about kids and their horses and more. As a pre-teen I read
Western Horseman faithfully which,
along with Horse Illustrated and Horse and Rider,
are also fine gift ideas.
Visit our section on Horse Magazines for more information.


From our own Library of Favorite Horse Books are three horse books
we believe would be good choices for the pre-teen or early teen
as well as us older folks.
Let's assume reading skills of 6th grade and above.

  • Illustrated Horsewatching by Desmond Morris is a book about
    what makes horses tick and why they do what they do -
    a good book for introducing a youngster to the world of horses.

  • For the slightly older young rider, the pre-teen or early teen,
    The Whole Horse Catalog offers a huge amount of detailed information
    from horse history to attire to riding to tack and beyond.

  • For the young person who has the responsibility for caring for a horse
    or wishes to do so, Colin Vogel's The Complete Horse Care Manual
    is comprehensive, well illustrated and easy to read.

    Art of the Kid's Room - Posters and Prints

    Here's a few prints and posters for the young rider's room.
    You may find some good ideas here.
    Clicking on any illustration will take you to
    and several hundred prints and posters with an equine theme.

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    Girl and Horse
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    Colorful Carousel Horse
    Rhonda Watson
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    Horse Show Poster
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    Roy Rogers & Trigger
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    The Lesson
    David Stoecklein
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    Little Cowboys and Horse
    David Stoecklein
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    Games and Other Good Stuff

    Holiday Horse Shopping

    A Tip: Pay Back in The Saddle a visit
    (click on the Santa horse to get there)
    and ask them to send you their catalog -
    it's fun to look through.

    This quality outfit has gifts not only for
    the younger set but "for the whole herd"
    as they rightly claim.


    Another Tip: Have the "horse crazy" girl in your family, visit,
    a place for young horse lovers
    where she will feel most welcome.


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