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Why is "Nose-to the Ground" the name of our free newsletter?

We take our inspiration from our "smallest horses", our beagles, Boo and Clancy. During our daily walks, constantly and with great purpose, noses to the ground in true beagle fashion, Boo and Clancy search for new and wonderful goodies
- just as we do for you!

Beagles Boo and Clancy
The Nose to the Ground Support Staff.

Clancy and Boo
Adult Female Beagle named Boo

Nose to the Ground Associate Editor and Chief Consultant.
Young Male Beagle named Clancy

Chief Investigative Reporter and General Troublemaker.

Keep up to date on changes and additions to Your-Guide-to-Gifts-For

  • - Share in the constantly growing and changing ideas and suggestions for great gifts

  • - Be advised of new souces of fine gifts as we locate them as well as additions to our gift shop
  • Keep posted on specials, discounts and other time-sensitive information from our participating merchants

  • and, there will always be always an equine-related article or two, designed to be of interest and value to you.
NOSE TO THE GROUND also provides a forum for our friends to share gift ideas with one another.

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Mare Running

Yes, Nose to the Ground is about horses,and gifts for horse lovers, not (usually) about beagles.