Searching for Gifts
for the Horse Lovers in Your Life?

How about a hug?
One size fits all
and horses like 'em too!

Most likely you had something different in mind.
In which case you'll find a barn full
of great ideas right here.

Let Your Guide to Gifts for Horse Lovers
take you through the barn to
that "just right" horse lover's gift -
earning you the ultimate compliment

You - Did - GOOD!

In Your Guide You'll Discover:

Some really Cool Ideas. If you like to give gifts that don't always fit in a box or are easily gift wrapped, you might find a good idea on this page - such as:

Plus there are portals to great gift ideas such as:


Boo the beagle - associate editor
When I grow up I'm gonna be a horse!

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In choosing certain gifts you know that some
up-front knowledge
can be helpful, at times essential.

  • You'll find our pages on Saddles especially informative -
    emphasizing how to choose the proper type
    and get the best fit.

    Very important.

  • Correct fit is also obviously important for Hats and Boots.

  • You'll find reviews of some excellent Horse Books.
    We've even devoted a special section to books
    and DVD's on Horsemanship.

  • Also, you'll find sound advice as to which of the popular Horse Magazines might be a best bet for a gift and we've complied
    a list of lesser known and specialized magazines,
    a useful resource if you wish to
    focus on a specific breed or discipline.


Spend some time with us, get an idea or two, and your final choice is bound to be

a great idea for a special gift for your horse lover!

And, when all is said and done, it will be said of you that -

You - did - good!


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