Your Links to Horse Information and Gift Ideas From
The Wide, Wide World of Horse Resource Sites
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As sources of equine information and horse gift ideas, you'll find these links helpful.

  • At, everyone wins. The pride of is their Business Directory listing over 50 categories of professional products and services. Breeders, Stables, Tack Shops, Farriers, Veterinarians, Artists, Equine Massage Therapists, and Health Care and Grooming are only a small sample.

  • Local provides much useful information about horse riding and equestrian competitions and events throughout the USA and the UK. This will be an especially valuable source of information for anyone in either the USA or the UK who is thinking of crossing the pond for a horseback riding vacation.

  • FL Horses - Your Online Resource for Horses, is one of the more comprehensive directories of horses and horse-related items we've come across.

    If, in looking through you haven't found the gift you're looking for, you might well find something among the over 100 topics FL Horses maintains. FL Horses is also a place you can submit equine articles if you're into that sort of thing (we are).

  • A visit to The Horse Lovers Magazine provides facts and tips for horse lovers, with a focus on the new horse owner.

    This fine web site has information on breeding and foaling, general horse care, training and behavior, and includes a selection of gifts to please the horse lover of your choice.

  • as a gift idea source the HorseMarketer's Directory lists a large variety or horse related enterprises (close to 100 categories, over 1600 specific links) with everything from breeders, to health care, to books, to barns, and beyond. Just looking at this list may give you an idea for a gift! In fact, making your horse lover aware of this great resource would be a nice "gift of information".

  • Created and maintained by horse enthusiasts, Horse Worldwide is an excellent resource site. Besides the usual gift-oriented business in this directory we found many interesting sites with such diverse topics as
    • Carts, Buggies, Sleighs, and Wagons,
    • Care Products
    • Horse Photography
    • Custom Rocking Horses (gift idea?)
    • Show Supplies
    • a large selection of horse-oreineted Kid's Games and,
    • a brief listing of some interesting Equine Museums

    Worth a visit.

  • Directories of a different sort are located on our page focusing on VACATION AND TRAIL RIDE SITES AND DIRECTORIES

  • The AMERICAN HORSE NETWORK is a fine source of gift ideas. Featured are a number of merchants having out-of-the-ordinary gifts, particularly in the Apparel category. One merchant we found there, Tom Howe - Cowboy Silversmith has some lovely silver bits and spurs should you have something like that in mind.

  • The Natural Horse Network is a network of information, products and training tips for people who naturally love horses.

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