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Growing up watching the B Westerns, and living in the West, it took some time to gain a proper appreciation of English Riding in general, and Dressage in particular. Somewhere along the line we learned not to jerk the reins, kick the horse, nor feel the need to cuss and shout. (We also learned, in driving, it is unnecessary to slap the horse with the reins to get started, as seemingly happens in every Western we've seen).

Understandably, the old time cowboys at times rode half-broke or half-wild horses and perhaps had to do some kicking and yelling out of necessity.

But, we're getting off the subject. In short, what we "learned" from the western movie and what we learn from the discipline of dressage are poles apart.

But, if action typified the B Western, action of a different kind, with grace, beauty, and elegance typifies dressage.

A discipline we once considered not terribly interesting, now commands our rapt attention. And of course Cross Country, Jumping and the events in the show ring we have always enjoyed.

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