Your Guide to Horse Magazine Gifts for the Young Rider

There is only one horse magazine in wide circulation that is specifically designed for the pre-teen. However, other magazines such as Horse Illustrated and Horse and Rider would also be good choices for the young person with reading skills of 6th grade and above.

Young Rider Magazine

Young Rider

- issued bi-monthly, is geared towards the young equestrian, ages 8 through 11.

That is the "target" age group, but this horse magazine is fun and entertaining reading for all age groups (though the content may be a bit basic for the older youth or adult). Young Rider contains a mix of articles, fact and fiction, with much information of value the young horseman or horsewoman.

A popular feature of this magazine is the set of posters (usually 4, two-page width) which accompany each issue.

The magazine is a basic guide to the youngster starting out with horses and includes safety tips, tack care, and lots of "how-to's".