Your Guide to
Specialized Horse Magazines and Organizations
Przewalski's Horse

... but which one is Przewalski's Horse?

There are many fine horse magazines and journals published by organizations specializing in a particular breed or discipline.

Our list is incomplete but includes many highly respected organizations. For information on the content and focus of their magazines or journals you can visit their home page through the links listed below.

In most cases you can subscribe to one of these magazines without a membership.

You might also think about giving the gift of a membership in one of these organizations.

  • Appaloosa Horse Club
  • Pony of the Americas
  • American Driving Society
  • American Quarter Horse Association
  • American Morgan Horse Association
  • Arabian Horse Association
  • Draft Horse Journal
  • American Miniature Horse Association
  • The American Paint Horse Association
  • a pair of horse magazines dedicated to the American Saddlebred are Bluegrass Horseman
  • and, Saddle and Bridle Magazine NOrwegian Fjord Horse
  • For the "weegie" lover or owner there is the quarterly Fjord Herald.

    After a helping of hay we often find Lars in the shelter reading his copy.

    It costs $25/year and you can order it through the National Fjordhorse Registry (NFHR) 1203 Appian Drive, Webster, New York 14580-9129. As horse magazines go this journal is very complete with well-written articles, plenty of pictures of Fjords, listings of upcoming events and listings of breeders and farms.

  • Also a quarterly and a magazine fairly new on the scene is The Gaited Horse. Coverage is not restricted to the more well-known "gaited" breeds but to all horses which, through training could fit in this category (including Icelandic ponies and mules!). The magazine has well written articles, excellent photography and the ads do not interfere with the other content. There is also a listing of farms, ranches, and associations. Published in Washington State, you can find out more about this very fine magazine on their website:

  • For the horse lover working a small farm or ranch, plowing or logging with horses or mules, a subscription to Rural Heritage would be a nice gift. You can find our more about this bi-monthly publication at

Finally, a breed we don't see too much of -

Przewalski's Horse, the Asian Wild Horse: of interest to us since two of our horses, Norwegian Fjords, are descended from this breed. Przewalski's Horse is the surviving breed of the three "primitive " breeds that all modern horses are descended from.

Nicolae Przewalski was a Russian credited with "discovering" the breed in Mongolia in the 19th Century. In all probability, the Mongolians were well aware of the breed's existence before Nicolae found them. (Somewhat like Magellan "discovering" Guam, where the natives, who had discovered the island a few centuries earlier, killed him, and later erected a memorial to him). We aren't aware of any horse magazines dedicated to this interesting breed but you can find out more about it's characteristics and history by visiting the Prezewalski Home Page.

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