A Round Pen Design Variation -I t's Portable As Well!

by Roger Baton
(Lexington, Kentucky)

I acquired a 2 year old Tennessee Walker Gelding from a friend that had too many horses. Of course, he had been running wild with very little human contact so when I got him he was and still is a handful.

I am limited on funds to purchase a round pen to begin training him and have mulled over in my mind just how I might build my own. I like your idea very much and am going to follow the pattern you have. What a great idea and very economical!

My idea was to use the steel field posts (kind of sharp and dangerous on their own) but slide a galvanized post used for chain link fencing over each field post to conceal them.

I was going to then put the finish top caps on each post and run the top bar used for chain link fencing through each top cap for the top rail and then use your idea of the braid as you did on your round pen and then for the gate just buy a chain link gate with hinge brackets. The field post would not have to be cemented in, saving time there, and the galvanized posts slid over them would give the pen a finished, smooth look.

The one thing I think about by way of difference between your round pen and my idea is that the pen could be dismantled if need be to move it to another location or if I just didn't want it or need it anymore. I may have to do some pricing for these items for my round pen idea and believe mine may cost a bit more than yours did and that's why I like your do-it-yourself round pen so much.

Anyway, that was my "do-it-yourself" round pen idea. Just thought I'd share that. Thanks for the great, economical idea!

Roger Baton
Lexington, Kentucky

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Nov 30, 2009
by: JODY

Next time you can cover T- post with pvc pipe and u can use pvc caps so that for a more safe use...I have used them for temp fencing in sports and events and also around high spirted animals for my safety more than the animal....try it and it is a cheap temp fix.

Nov 07, 2009
round pen building with electric tape?
by: Anonymous

my experience of horses' attitude to electric fencing ia that it is quite a stimulant, whilst of course being a great thing to keep them in a large area, I feel its verging on stressful to have it at close quaters where they will flee from the trainer in 'send away' work. The walls need to be uncomplicated and the environment needs to be non stimulating or distracting...like people and horses, or traffic coming and going...hence the original round pen is solid walled.
I like this sharing of your project it is thought provoking and 'green' !

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