Bucket of goodies for Tween girls

by Casey

Start with a galvanized pail that she can use in the stables or in her bedroom to store hairstyling items, etc. Use straw to fill the bottom of the bucket.

Add her favorite horse-lover's magazine, a good book like Misty of Chincoteague, and a DVD of her favorite movie, either Flicka, Dreamer or Black Beauty. Webkins has several horses in their collection, and one of these would be adorable tucked in the bucket also.

We like to make beaded jewelry, and with the variety of colors available, you can customize them to match her favorite ride or her stable colors with a sterling silver horse-themed charm attached.

Finally, add your own home-made candies using a horse shaped and themed molds and chocolates available at your local cake-decorating store. Be sure to wrap them in plastic so they don't stick to the straw!

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