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We use the Crates saddle here at the Goose Bay ranch, specifically a Trail Riders model. Crates was recommended to us by a long-time breeder and trainer of horses and we're happy with the results. Our purpose here is simply to share with you what has worked well for us. Nothing more and nothing less. Whether we're talking saddles, bridles, halters, or hay - it's fun to share knowledge about something we're pleased with. We've done that for fencing on another page.

There are good makes of saddles out there, especially the custom saddles built by dedicated saddle makers. Insofar as the factory models are concerned, we won't recommend one brand over another. We simply haven't tried them all, or for that matter seen them all.

Like a good horse book, we can tell you something about the ones we've read but that doesn't mean that the ones we haven't read are any better or worse.

In any event, we thought it would be appropriate to say a few things about the Crates saddle since we've been pleased with the quality of their product - and by quality we're talking about looks, durability, and comfort plus good fit to the horses.

Visit The Web Site

We suggest you visit the Crates website where you'll find specifications and illustrations of the saddles in their product line. There's loads of information on their and if you have a western saddle in your sights you can look over the different types, fits, and styles (some awfully good looking ones.(Note - This page is at times slow to load so give it 10-15 seconds). It's a good place to spend a few minutes when saddle searching. You might even find exactly what you're looking for!

Looking through their offerings provides an education into the various western saddle styles and uses. Different uses result in differences in the fork, horn, seat, cantle, or for that matter rigging as we've discussed on other pages.

Of course the best way to look at these saddles, or any saddle make for that matter is to pay a visit to your local saddle shop. They likely won't carry the full line as you can view on the website but that's OK. It's nice to be able to touch and feel when you have the opportunity.

If you think a Crates saddle might fit your needs you can pay a visit to a source for fine saddles that's particularly helpful if you've a new saddle in your sights. They carry the other top brands as well but we'll confine this page to the saddle make that we use and can highly recommend.

Here's a sampling of Crates saddles as offered by the Horse Saddle Shop.

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