Etched Glass Draft Horses

An Attractive and Unique Gift?
Try Something From The World Of Etched Glass

Etched glass can add to your home in more ways than one!

When we built our home we had an oval shaped etched glass window placed in our front door. The glass has a waterfowl design. As we expected, it's very attractive, both from the outside and the inside.`

What we didn't expect was this. For a few of days in the spring and a few in the fall, when the sun is in just the right place in the southeast sky, the design is projected onto a wall, looking for all the world as if the design was meant to be placed right at that spot. The projection is very sharp and clear but only lasts for a few minutes before beginning to distort and gradually disappear as the sun climbs in the sky. Life is full of nice little surprises like that.

Of course we could have designed the house to place the door, the window and the wall facing in precisely the right direction to start with, like the ancient Egyptians did in their tombs, but of course we didn't think of that and had we thought of it probably would not have done it anyhow.

That said, there's much to be said for etched glass as artwork around the home. There is a business specializing in etched glass products offering some extremely attractive designs including a number with western and equine themes.

Whether you're thinking of a mirror, coffee table or clock, these designs available are sharp looking to say the least. The wall mounted mirrors are works of art in their own right, as lovely if not more so than a print or painting.

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