Happy Trails

When horse lovers get married they need a special kind of present.

(So maybe I felt a little silly as they sat there opening thier new toaster, blender, towels, dishes etc. I even questioned myself on if I should make a quick excuse to leave before they got to my gift. I was so thrilled, and relieved, with how excited they both got when they opened my present!)

I had purchased saddlebags and filled them with items for a moonlit ride. It consisted of a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses (wrapped in horse printed towels), a wine bottle opener, crackers, summer sausage, a gift card to a local produce stand so they could get fresh fruit prior to thier ride, an assortment of chocolates, votives, and of course, a few treats for the horses.

On the card I wrote something about this being to use on thier first of many rides together and how some trails would be rough, some would be easy but together they could ride through anything.

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