Your Guide to Horse Art Gift Ideas
Paintings of Horses Under Harness:

If you or your horse lover are into driving, you know, as we do, what fun it can be. In fact, we've found it a little difficult to find paintings that express exactly what we feel when in the cart or wagonette, but some of these come close.

One or more of the paintings in this mini-gallery might strike a chord with the horse lover who enjoys working with horses under harness. One painting we are a bit envious about is Four in Hand, something we'd love to try but haven't as yet had the training nor the opportunity.

'Nuff said.

Our Driving Gallery

"The Trotter" by Charles S. Humphreys

The Trotter by Charles S. Humphreys

"A Ride in Autumn" by Thelma Leaney Butler

A Ride in Autumn by Thelma Leaney Butler

"The Big Moment" by Paul Detlefsen

The Big Moment by Paul Detlefsen

"Four in Hand" by Charles Parker

Four in Hand by Charles Parker

"Trotters/Smuggler" by Anonymous

Trotters/Smuggler by an Anonymous Painter

There are two other paintings related to the above titled:

  • Trotters/American Girl
  • Trotters/Maud

Just type the title in ArtinaClick's search engine. You can type in "anonymous" but, you guessed it, you'll get a batch of unrelated paintings.

Clicking on any of these images will bring you more details from ARTinaClick including image and frame size, reproduction method, full screen views, and prices. Viewing the other available selections by these artists is just another click away. For whatever work of art you may be interested in, three selected mat and frame combinations are normally offered, plus you have the opportunity to design and view your own mat and frame combinations (double or triple matting if you prefer) for just the right look. You can even view the art work against various wall color and pattern backgrounds.

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