The Wonderful Draft Horses
Equine Artist Adeline Halvorson

Painter of draft horses and other equine and animal subjects, Alberta artist Adeline Halvorson has compiled an impressive list of awards in recent years. She has been painting in acrylics for over 20 years and in pastels before that. Her draft horses in harness paintings are classics and would appeal to any lover of the gentle giants. Other breeds are shown in her works also, as well as calves, cats and puppies, but the equine art predominates.

Her painting of a pair of drafts in harness, "Willing and Able" won The Artist's Magazine first place in the Animal Arts category, a competition which attracted over 11,000 international entries.

Her submission was chosen by the Royal Canadian Mint as the design for the 1998 Canadian Silver Dollar, celebrating the RCMP.

First places, grand prizes and best in show include:

  • Draft Horse Classic Art Show, Grass Valley California
  • North American Horsemans's Association 2001 Equine Artist of Distinction Award
  • C.M Russell Art Show, Great Falls Montana
  • Best of Show: Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Art Auction
She has exhibited throughout the West, Canada and in Lexington Kentucky.

Halvorson's works reflect a lifetime of studying and working with horses, reading about horses (Mary O'Hara being a favorite author), watching the Kentucky Derby, and the RCMP Musical Rides.

Particularly striking in her paintings of draft horses is the meticulous attention to detail given not just to the horse but to the harness and all the trappings as well. Whether a painting shows a single horse or several, the detail is there.

We've put together a small gallery of Halvorson's works for you and you will no doubt understand the attraction we find in her paintings.

By the way, if you would like to get on her mailing list, you can reach her at (mentioning our site isn't necessary but would certainly be appreciated).