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Horse Art: The World of Jim Stuckenberg

We came across the work of Jim Stuckenberg on one of our recent expeditions into the world of bronze horse art. As you can see from the pair of examples we show here, we are glad that we did.

"Let 'er Rip"

Up until then our experience in bronze had been pretty much limited to the work of Charlie Russell. Now, Jim Stuckenberg is not just another fine sculptor (and painter). He is very much in the Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington mold. His work is just that good.

Stuckenberg's work hasn't exactly been a secret. Some of his paintings have been purchased by members of the Russell family and his works grace the collections of the Glen Bow Museum in Calgary, the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, and the King Ranch in Texas. His paintings have appeared on the covers of leading horse magazines and have adorned the walls of the Oval Office during the Reagan presidency.

His work in bronze is, for the lack of a better word, spectacular. Witness Let 'er Rip, above, and Pasture Romp shown on the right.

Besides the beauty and elegance of his sculpture, the realism is not surprising considering the artist's background as a championship bronc and bull rider, his work with wild mustangs, and his work as a professional trainer of quarterhorses and thoroughbreds.

"Pasture Romp"

I've had the opportunity to communicate with Jim's son, Will, who quite naturally busts a few buttons over his Dad's accomplishments. The picture of Stuckenberg and his two son's is alone worth the visit to Will's web site.

The gift of an original or limited edition work by Jim Stuckenberg, be it a bronze, oil painting, water color or pen and ink, would give your horse lover a lifetime of pleasure.

It's certainly worth a visit to Will's web site The Bronze Works to see Jim Stuckenberg's work.

We are sure that if you have any questions, Will would be only too happy to help you out.

Many thanks by the way, to The Bronze Works for allowing us to show these examples of the artist's work.

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