Leonardo's Horse
Horse Art with an Interesting Story

Il Cavallo

A dream of Leonardo da Vinci was to bring Il Cavallo, a towering, regal horse, to life. Da Vinci's drawings pictured a horse, to be cast in bronze, standing 24 feet high. It was to be the world's larges equine statue at that time. His dream of 500 years ago never came to be, until 1999.

From the drawings and the work of a master sculptress, two 24-foot statues were created, one statue to be erected in Milan, the other in the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where it is the largest equine statue in the Western Hemisphere.

Lost wax technology was employed for detailed areas such as the mane and tail, while the broad, smooth sections were sand casted. The completed statue weighed 15 tons.

In addition to the Frederik Meijer Gardens Web Site, there is another fine Site dedicated to Leonardo's Horse Art which you might find of interest.

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