Safety First

by Jessica F
(Williamston, NC)

Just wanted to comment on the above pen. While most of us are interested in saving money, constructing something that may be deemed unsafe just to save a buck can actually cost you in the long run. If you're a trainer, you know horses - even the most "bomb-proof" - can and will decide to hurt themselves at any time. I swear they're suicidal, and I've seen a lot of accidents happen even using equipment that was as safe as it could be.
What will saving money cost you, in the long run? Well, for one unsightly vet bills, and possibly the loss of a horse. You may also have to rebuild a cheap round pen, costing you even more money.
I do not recommend using anything a horse can get his leg through as a round pen, this includes panels. If you have a paneled round pen, a great way to up the safety factor is to add canvas or vinyl tarp at least 3/4 up the panels. Most of those have eyeholes and you can just zip-tie them to the panels. This will prevent a leg from going through and you won't have to rebuild.
It still doesn't prevent a horse from attempting to leave the pen, going over the panel, crushing the panel and possibly injuring himself. I recommend a pen that's at least 8 feet tall.
Don't want to knock your post - just wanted to put my two cents in about safety!

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Dec 03, 2011
Safety 3rd NEW
by: Clinton smanderson Lyons parelli

I like to use a roun pen made from space age memory foam with walls 100 feet tall. I also think providing a wheel chair for the horse is a good adea too, maybe even an electric wheelchair. My other favorite option is to line the walls with razor wire with rattle snakes in the pen along with crazy old ladies opening umbrellas.

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