The Greatest Horse Gift Ever!

by Cindy Wheeler
(Grand Bay,AL USA)

Cross-stich pattern!

I feel that I have a great idea for horse lovers.

This idea can be used for other applications as well but I thought it would work especially great for horse lovers since it is so hard to find great pictures of horses as there is.

Plus this way if you have your own horse you can have your own artwork so easily. Take a digital photograph of your horse, or a horse, and send it in and have it made into counted cross-stitch patterns for the customers to do for themselves!

I have done this for my own dogs and relatives,(humans from photos and they look just like the picture, people cannot tell when they are looking at it that it is cross- stitch and are amazed!!) for presents and they just love them.

The software it is very easy to upload on the computer and the cross-stitch is very easy for the customer to do. The cross stitch is also very easy for the customer to do somebody who has never done it before can do it themselves, it would just take them some time to get it done.

There is nothing difficult about it, it just requires time to do it. All you have to do is count the number of squares that correspond with that color, and the customer decides when they order the picture how many colors they would likes in their picture (approximately).

You can sell the picture with the supplies or without (I would suggest without and refer them to other sites to fill the thread and canvas.That way all you have to do is purchase the software to print the photos, then send the instructions and the photo cross-stitch horse printout in either black and white or color in what ever size the customer wants back to them.

It really is as simple as that. To me this is a great idea. I have had such a hard time finding really good or realistic pictures of Horses and Dogs to cross-stitch.

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