Your Guide to Gift Ideas - Bronze Horse Statues and Sculpture

"Bronco Buster"
by Frederic Remington

When we think of horse statues or sculpture, we often more often than not think bronze.

Bronze is a valuable medium for the artist -

a hard, durable, metal alloy which melts readily, bronze is easily worked, molded, and tooled.

It does not rust and takes a fine smooth finish. Bronze also has an ability to take on artistic and beautiful coloring.

Little wonder it is such a popular medium for both artist and art collector as well.

A particular work of art may have a history spanning centuries, such as da Vinci's Il Cavallo. The Wild West sculpture of Frederic Remington and Charlie Russell reflects times from a not-too distant past.

A contemporary artist whose beautiful work we highly recommend you look at in your search for a gift is Jim Stuckenberg.
The Bronze Works specializes in horse statues by Frederic Remington with bronze reproductions ranging from paperweights to life size in what they refer to as Best Quality and Museum quality. The Bronze Works also features sculpture by C. M. Russell together with an excellent line of limited-edition sculpture by contemporary artists, led by the aforementioned Jim Stukenberg.

Russell sculpture

The lost wax bronze casting process is used in producing these works, a method ensuring the final product will match the detail of the original as exactly as possible.

"Stage Coach"
by C. M. Russell

Many thanks to The Bronze Works for permission to reproduce these graphics.

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