Your Guide to
Locating a Saddle Maker
and A Review of Some Top Brands

Whether you choose to visit a local saddle maker
or shop on-line for your Western saddle -
you'll find information you need below and on our pages on -

Shopping locally always has the advantage of first-hand look and feel of the product and greater ease in returning a product if need be.

On-line you have the advantage of a larger selection of types and makes. We'll refer you to an on-line retailer we know will give you the personal attention so critical to getting the right product.

Finding A Saddle Maker Near You


try keywords like

  • saddlery
  • saddle maker
  • western saddle maker
  • saddle shop

-adding your state or province to narrow things down. You'll likely find several candidates within driving distance.

One of the more interesting outfits you might check out is that of Miles City Saddlery. Located in (far) eastern Montana Miles City is noted for their annual spring Bucking Horse Sale. Well worth a visit.

Finding an On-line Saddle Maker/Retailer is an excellent on-line saddle maker and retailer. They have a large selection of top brand factory produced saddles and custom made saddles, good prices, free shipping and a very good return policy.

You can also expect personal attention to your questions and the owners will help guide you through the saddle selection process.

Top Western Saddle Makes Include -


    Tex Tan Saddle Tex Tan Saddles

    Formerly known as the Texas Tanning and Manufacturing Company, Tex Tan has been manufacturing saddles, tack and other leather gear since 1919.

    Tex Tan currently manufactures saddles, tack,belts, buckles and other gift items but are primarily known for their quality line of saddles.

    If you wish you can visit Tex Tan to view their complete product line.


    Circle Y Show Saddle Circle Y "TAOS" Show Saddle

    Located in Yoakum, Texas - Circle Y started saddle manufacturing in 1960. Their patented tree, designed to obtain the best saddle fit for a broad selection of horses has been incorporated into many of their saddles.

    Their product line includes saddles for showing, reining, trail riding, team penning, cutting, roping, barrel racing, plus ranch work saddles. In addition, Circle Y has a selection of bridles, breast collars and show halters.


    Crates Trail Riding Saddle Crates Trail Saddle

    Crates is the make of the saddles we use so we feel quite comfortable in highly recommending this brand.

    The Chatanooga, Tennessee outfit has a very large selection of Western Saddles of all types.

    You can also see more about Crates on the page we've devoted to them by Clicking Here.


    Billy Cook Reining Saddle Classic Reiner by Billy Cook - Original

    There are three "versions" of Billy Cook saddles.

    • The original Billy Cook "Classic Saddle,
    • the ones built by Simcon Longhorn to the original Billy Cook design when Billy Cook went out of business, and later

    • the Billy Cook saddle when he went back into the saddle making business.
    Purists might insist on the saddles made by Billy Cook but any of the three options provide a high quality saddle with the Billy Cook design.

  • TUCKER SADDLERY Tucker Plantation Saddle Tucker Saddles

    Tucker Saddlery, Inc. has gained great momentum over the years to become a leader in the focused market of recreational trail riding.

    Although it may be a slight departure from our theme of Western Saddles the Tucker Plantation Saddle is gaining in popularity as a saddle designed for many comfortable hours of riding.

    It just looks comfortable.

    If trail or endurance riding is the name of your game consider thinking a bit outside the box and look into the Plantation design.

    Recently Tucker Saddlery added a tree designed for draft horses. You can pay Tucker Saddlery a visit to view their complete product line.

  • Reinsman

    Reinsman Working Cow Horse Saddle Reinsman Working Cow Horse Saddle

    Although a newcomer to the saddle making fraternity, Reinsman has established a solid reputation for delivering a high quality product.

    Many of their craftspeople hail from Yoakum, Texas - the home of Circle Y.

    Reinsman has grown rapidly over the past decade and has an impressive line of tack in addition to their line of saddles.

    If you wish to visit their home site click here.


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